Same Game, Different Name

We thought we had found the perfect name for our game: Future. It’s a spot-on title for a dystopian time travelling game and easy to remember too. You’d think someone would have claimed that name for a game long ago, but so far we haven’t found any games with that title.

But alas, having the perfect name is like sunbathing on the perfect spot on the beach: You quickly realize that you’re not alone… A Google search on the name will return 1.500.000.000 results, and YouTube offers half a million results. Since nobody cares to look any further than the first 10 results on a search engine, we became totally invisible. Even if you entered advanced search combinations like “Future” + “House on Fire” or “Future” + “Point and click adventure”, we were still invisible…

When a movie came out this year entitled ‘The Future‘, we finally decided to find a new name for the game. We had 3 simple requirements:

  • Everyone on the team has to love the name
  • It should sound like a Seventies Sci-Fi movie
  • The name should stay true to the atmosphere of the game

After a weekend of research and thinking, we came up with the name The Silent Age. It has that Seventies Sci-Fi feel to it and also hints at the mood of the game. Its also a nod at the song Sons of the Silent Age by David Bowie.

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One Response to Same Game, Different Name

  1. JC says:

    Love it! Just finished episode 1!
    Reminds me a lot of the old game Another World, I think maybe cos of the graphics n tone.
    Keep it up!