March update

It’s spring time! In Denmark this means the weather changes from constant grey to slightly less grey. We Scandinavians can now actually go outside without worrying about frost bites and even the Sun occasionally stops by on its way to a happier place. But let’s not talk about the weather. It just makes me wanna go outside and look at female humans instead of working. We don’t have time for pleasures like that. We have a game to deliver to all of you lovely people out there.

The Silent Age Episode One has actually reached a state where it’s playable. Yeah, that’s right, it’s alive, it’s ALIVE!! We ought to open that bottle of champagne that has been collecting dust next to the silly party hats. But we’re Scandinavians. We’ll party when the game is done. Instead, we’re spending our time testing, polishing and adding more puzzles to the game. We even have an animator on board now! The game finally comes together, and it could actually turn out to be a great game!

Comments and feedback.

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