Aloha 2012

2011 ends! Tonight! According to the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar and the great German movie director Roland Emmerich, 2012 marks the End of the World As We Know It. Fortunately the cataclysmic events will not occur until December 21, so it seems we’ll have time enough to release The Silent Age before Armageddon.

Things were a bit less dramatic in 1972. Joe spends New Years Eve on the coast of Honolulu, Hawaii, getting drunk and playing songs on his ukulele. He has bought a pack of cigarettes, hoping to build up a smoking habit. But Alas, the cheap rum makes his ukulele sound like Stockhausen on a bad day and the cigarettes just make him dizzy. Poor Joe. Let’s hope some dramatic event will turn his life upside down in the near future.

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