We’ve been crunching! We’ve been at work all through the weekend from 8.30 in the morning, which is really early for an indie games company. The story guy, the programmer guy, the game designer guy and the sound designer girl all gave up an entire weekend of partying and couch potatoing. Even the company baby was there.

The plan was to finish up most half of The Silent Age Episode One by Monday – a plan which went very well until a horde of bugs and unforseen challenges showed up. We did suspect that something like that might happen, and we did manage to get a lot of stuff done. The Silent Age Ep. 1 is in good shape.

We also managed to add an extra feature: We’re now able to add an overall colour tint to Joe’s sprite. This means that we can make Joe all green, all yellow or all black! As you can see in the above example, we can now place Joe in a semi-dark room without having him look like a flourescent sticker!


The team, busy planning.


Anders, the story guy.


Nevin, the sound girl. Only people with a high IQ are able to work on two laptops simultaneously.


Uni, the producer, looks at the ever growing task list.

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