They did it to the latest Twilight Saga and Harry Potter movies. They did it in Berlin and Korea. Now we’re doing it:

We’re slicing up the game!

We have been working on The Silent Age for… well… ages! Let’s call it a year on and off. We could easily go on for another six months of solitary confinement development, but we feel a strong need to stop brewing for a moment and start letting you have a taste of what we’re brewing instead.

So we have decided to release The Silent Age in two episodes. Rather than keeping you waiting any longer, we would like to get your response to the game as we move along. The critique we get from the first episode will help us improve the experience as we work on the second episode.

The plan is to include the first 5 chapters in Episode One, which is very close to being considered beta. Episode Two will contain the last 5 chapters, which is scheduled to be released… When it’s Done.

As always, we would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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