First Playthrough on an iPad

That’s right – The Silent Age Episode One is finally up and running on iOS devices! We can now tell exactly how it feels to tap the screen instead of clicking with a mouse. We can now enjoy the soundtrack through the worst speaker in the World and check if 200 sprites moving simultaneously is what it takes to kill an iPad.

The first playthrough was nerve-wracking! What if the game just felt odd to play on an iPad? What if the game was too dark? What if the performance sucked?

Luckily, the playthrough went pretty well. The game looks and feels great on an iPad. The coder tells me we have a few memory problems and sometimes the raindrops mutate into giant pixelated jellyfish. But the overall performance is pretty good and the bugs are fixable.

By the way, the red background is my newly installed kitchen floor. I chose the colour after having looked at Joe’s red boiler suit for ages. It´s a great colour for a kitchen floor!

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