House on Fire Game Jam

For about 4 months now we’ve had the delightful visit from three interns from HTW Berlin university of applied science. They have been working on SNOT!, another one of our projects. We thought that they should end their visit with a bit of a bang, so we arranged a little in-house weekend game jam.

Gregor, Uni, Linda, office baby Giana, Manuel and Moritz

From left: Gregor, Uni, Linda, office baby Giana, Manuel and Moritz

Everyone participated, including Linda, even though she was watching the office baby at the same time. We managed to make some nice prototypes games.

Get Me Out of Here

The winner of the game was without a doubt Linda, who managed to have a game up and running in GameMaker early on Saturday. Get Me Out of Here is a game where you have to clear a circle from smaller circles by connecting two at a time. When you connect two circles, they attract. It is a very simple mechanic, but it turned out to be a very challenging game. The beautiful graphics come from Thomas, of course :)

Get Me Out of Here

Get Me Out of HereGet Me Out of HereGet Me Out of Here

Fall Cat

Fall CatAndré came second with Fall Cat. A game about a poor cat falling down an endless pit. An hilarious game with André squeaking like a cat at every collision.


Thomas made a stealth-game where you play a protagonist with only a dagger as his weapon. You throw the dagger to kill the guards, but  have to go pick it up before another guard sees it. Thomas also made sound and music effects for some of the other games.

Space Miner

Space MinerUni made a game about mining in space. You launch your space craft and it has to crash into the sun in order to disperse some minerals. You then launch another space craft to collect the minerals before your opponent reaps the benefits of your lost ship.

Colour Bubbles

Colour BubblesMoritz, one of the interns made a game about popping bubbles. Pick a colour and pop all the bubbles of that colour. If you hit the wrong bubble, it changes colour making the game more difficult.


EdgeLasse continued working on his arcade-style spline-racer, which looks awesome btw. He even convinced Moritz to make music tracks for it, and we all discovered Moritz’ hidden talent.

Gregor was working on a gravity based game, where the playing field was full of particles attracting each other, and Manuel worked on a game where two spaceships fly around a sun, shooting each other.

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