Plan B

Since the release of The Silent Age Episode One, we’ve been receiving an enormous amount of feedback from you wonderful fans out there. Among the feedback there is however one question that stands out. A question that craves to be answered:

“When can I play Episode Two”?

You guys want more. And you want it now! We truly appreciate that, and we can’t wait to get started.

Thing is, we still haven’t secured the funding that we need in order to complete Episode Two. The original plan was to secure the funding through donations on our home page and then release Episode Two for free. Sadly, we’re still far from reaching our funding goal although a lot of you wonderful people have donated.

So, time for plan B. We have decided to make Episode Two a paid app. Episode One will still be free, and those of you who have donated will still get Episode Two for free. Putting a price tag on Episode Two has been suggested numerous times by you fans out there and one of the recurring comments we get is that you guys don’t mind paying for playing The Silent Age.

So, back to the question: “When can I play episode Two”?

Episode Two will be the final chapter of The Silent Age. It has to be artistic, well written, beautiful and simply awesome. And that takes time. If we announce a deadline at this point, we risk sacrificing the top layer of awesomeness just because we need to make a specific deadline. You can play Episode Two when it’s done. And it’s done when it’s absolutely fantastic.

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