Android Beta

(Thanks to everyone who signed up. We’re chipping away at the rough edges and releasing on Android soon)

Since the release of Episode One, there has been a constant flow of advice, criticism and praise coming from you great people out there. You guys do a great job of letting us know exactly what you like and dislike about The Silent Age. We like that. And we listen.

There’s one word we hear a lot: “Android!”. You guys have been shouting that word ever since the game was released on iOS. Guess what – after having spent several nights smithing at the Android anvil, we can finally announce that the game is up and running! On Android devices!

NO! Wait… Don’t open the champagne just yet… And stop waving your arms please… We haven’t actually like – tested that it works – on that many Android devices. Just one actually. And we’d actually like the game to be more or less bug free on most devices before launching the game on Google Play.

This is where YOU enter the picture! Yeah, you the Android device owner! We need beta-testers to make sure that Episode One is as flawless as the Pink Panther jewel on all Android devices!

If you would like to participate in the beta and provide us feedback about issues you may encounter, please write an email to with the text “tsa beta” in the subject (VERY IMPORTANT, otherwise the email gets lost in our filter). Write what device you have in the message, and we’ll send you a link where you can download and install the game. As a minimum the game requires Android 2.3 and an ARM7 CPU.

Comments and feedback.


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