Kaboom! The Silent Age Episode One has finally been released for Android devices! That’s right, after ages of extensive playtesting and bug fixing, Joe’s finally going Android. Go get it, play it, rate it, love it or hate it and please go tell your friends about it! And yeah, Episode One is 100% free – also on Android!

Why are you still reading? Go get the game already! Ah, wait – you’re one of those people who already got the game installed on your beloved iOS thingy, aren’t you? If you played and liked Episode One, why not share your enthusiasm for the game with those strange friends of yours who went Android? You wonderful fans out there did a great job on spreading the word about the iOS release, and we sure could use a little help from you guys convincing the Android people to play our game as well.

Huge thanks all of you who helped us beta test the game!

Get The Silent Age Episode One for Android here!

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