Episode 2 FAQ

Since the release of The Silent Age Episode One, we’ve experienced an increased interest in the status of Episode Two.  Some of you can’t wait to hear how the story ends, and some of you have even donated money to the development of Episode Two. We fully understand and appreciate your eagerness to know the status of Episode Two, and we hope to answer the 3 most frequent questions in this FAQ:

Where the HELL is Episode 2?

We get this question a lot. We mostly get it in a more polite form, but the message is clear: You guys want Episode Two – and you want it now!

So why isn’t it done already?

One reason is that we originally planned to fund Episode Two via donations from players, and decided to not start working on the episode until we had got the full amount that we asked for. We later decided to change that strategy, as we didn’t receive as many donations as we had hoped for. Episode Two will instead come with a price tag, but people who have donated will get the game for free.

Another reason is that we’re 2½ guys making the entire game, including handling business, marketing and fan contact. A team this small allows us to keep down the development cost and to have a very direct dialogue with our fans. The downside is that development takes a lot of time.

Yet another reason is that we like to take our time. We want The Silent Age to be awesome. And awesomeness takes time.

So where the Hell is Episode 2? It’s in development. Still. It’s quite heartbreaking for us to know that you great people out there have to patiently wait for our Episode 2, and we’d love nothing more than to deliver that experience today. But we also want to make a really awesome experience. And that’s what’s taking us so long.

What is the status of Episode Two?

The massive feedback to Episode One has given us reason to make quite a few changes to the original Episode Two design. It has helped us understand what you guys expect from the sequel, and it is our policy to use that feedback to  improve Episode Two as much as we can.

One of the major changes we have made is that we have rewritten the story for Episode Two from scratch.  We felt that the original story for Episode Two was too weak, and instead of trying to patch up the story, we decided to start over. We’re very proud of what we’ve come up with and we can’t wait to tell you guys how it all ends!

Obviously, a drastic change like this sends a shock wave through the entire game. We have had to rethink entire levels, scrap puzzles and think up new ones. But it’s been worth it.

When will Episode 2 be released?

We plan to release Episode Two in early 2014.

The game will be released when we think the game is fantastic. When the music, the images and the words all have that special Silent Age tone. When we’ve play tested it a hundred times and can’t find more bugs. We have decided not to rush that process.

We will announce a more specific release date when we feel ready. All we want is to do is making sure we deliver an awesome experience. We hope you can wait for that.


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