Some Screenshots of Episode Two

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since we posted anything here. Rest assured we’ve been hard at work on Episode Two, and we felt like sharing some of our progress with you.

Padded cell The Silent Age screenshot

Since the massive response from the first episode, we felt we needed to step up the story a notch to make sure it is as awesome as we can possibly make it. So¬†Anders has been working on nailing the final plot-points and we’re at a stage where we can call the story done.

Thomas has also finished a couple of scenes for your viewing pleasure. So, hopefully, without giving too much of the plot away, here is another one.

Elevator Future The Silent Age screenshot

And last Monday our animator, Peter Thomasen started back at House on Fire working on a new and improved animation system. Because the game is a 2D side view game, we decided to use sprite-sheets for our animations. This turned out to be a very bad choice, and has caused a lot of headaches for especially iPad 1 and some iPod users. This was because the sprite-sheets took up too much graphics memory, and the older devices would just crash. So we’re redoing this in a proper bone-animation system, which will allow us to do far more animations as well as much smoother movements.

In the end we hope it will all be worth it.

Comments and feedback.

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