Memoirs of a Time Traveller

Before ever meeting Joe, the time travelling Dr. Lambert was instrumental in the development and execution of the Archon time travel trials. Due to his eventual disagreements with management on the use of the technology, he fled civilization in anticipation of humanity’s end in 1972. By building another time machine of his own, he hoped to be able to reverse the event, but little did he know it would take almost four decades for him to complete the task. To keep himself sane in the forty years between 1972 and 2012, Lambert kept meticulous logs of his progress.

The text below appropriately marks the first holiday entry from the journals of Dr. Reginald D. Lambert:

“December 24, 1972.

Christmas Eve. Leave it to Christmas to be the one evening this year where I’m actually missing the company of my fellow man. It’s already hard to imagine a time where the world wasn’t void of human life. Has it only been seven months?

I must admit, there have been moments where I pondered the sanity of my pursuit to turn events around. There’s certainly something to be said for the peace and tranquility it has brought me. As past entries in this journal can attest, plans have been moving forward according to schedule so far. The device is coming along nicely and up until recently, parts have been easy to come by. But now snow has started to fall and the roads will soon be closed off entirely. I’m beginning to miss the amenities of modern civilization.

I heard faint howling and the rattling of chains last night. In hindsight it was probably loose dogs, but in my sleep-addled state I found myself wondering who was coming to pay me a visit; the ghost of Christmas Past or Christmas Future?

Here’s to you, Tiny Tim. There’ll be no blessings this year.”

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