The Silent Age Referenced in the Stealth Game ‘République’

Woohoo! The Silent Age is being referenced in the first episode of the game République, which has just been released on the App Store. République is a dystopian sci-fi stealth game, in which you must help a girl escape a totalitarian state. The entire game is viewed through security camera lenses, and instead of actually playing the escaping girl, you play an unknown entity who gives her instructions on what to do, unlock doors for her and spies on the security guards through the cameras. For fans of the stealth genre and dystopian science fiction (like us here at House on Fire), République is a must-play. Oh, and David Hayter is doing voice acting in the game! He’s the guy doing the sexy Solid Snake voice acting in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Throughout the game you can find Atari-styled cartridges which draw references to other recently released games in the same spirit as République, and one of those just happens to be – The Silent Age! We really appreciate being referenced to – especially in a game as awesome as République!

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