Hi, I’m Linda, the main coder in The Silent Age game – as well as one of the co-founders of House on Fire.

A lot of you have been asking us when Episode 2 is coming out, and, although we can’t give you a precise answer, we felt you deserve to know where we are at. We know you have been really patient so far, and we’re grateful for that. And we understand it is sometimes a bit hard to wait :)

Anyways, I can tell you that the story is nailed down and ready. And also most of the puzzles are in place. In short, the core game is in place, meaning that we can play the game from start to finish now.

However, we still have to spend some time finishing designing all the scenes in the game. It takes a lot of time to design a scene. It actually takes several days to make one, polish it, then cut out all the objects that you can interact with and pickup. Just to give you an idea, you can look at Thomas’s last post with a short time-lapse video of how a scene is born. That 1 minute of video is actually 2 whole days of work.

Also, when all the scenes are done, we will still need to create music for the game. We make all the music ourselves – (we’re lucky that Thomas is both a designer and a musician). After that comes testing, and then publishing the game so that it will be out to you beautiful people.

Other than that there are some other tasks that we can do in parallel, so those will not add up to the total time needed to complete the game. Among those there is the programming, writing dialogues and comments, doing animations and creating sound effects.

We hope you can bear the patience of waiting a few more months. We are looking forward to deliver this game, and hope you will enjoy playing it just as much as we enjoy making it.

Have an awesome day,


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