Episode 2 Theme Music

Hi there!

I’ve made an Episode Two theme! I’ve spend quite some time making it, since it’s probably going to be the first music you’ll hear when you start Episode Two.

I’ve tried to sum up my own experience of the game and to include feelings of loneliness and despair, but also of hope and discovery. The theme is deliberately slow – to mimic Joe’s slow-paced journey through the game, and the pacing is deliberately a bit off-balance at times to mimic the feeling of sometimes being stuck and sometimes making a breakthrough in the game. I’m sure any player has their own unique interpretation of the mood of the game, but this theme sums up how the game feels to me. Hope you like it!

The work on Episode Two is progressing well. We’re currently concentrating on the second last chapter, which by far is the most challenging chapter to make. There’s a lot of time travel going on, which opens up a Pandora’s box of time paradoxes and continuity errors. A small deviation of the manuscript or a simple change to a puzzle can easily break the story, so we have to make sure that all of the 4 people working on the chapter follow the plan exactly.


Comments and feedback.

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