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mirror reflection shader

Hello Folks,
I thought you might be curious to know the progress on the programming side of the game, so here I am.

Lately I have been working on some very cool features, some of which I cannot tell you (or it would be a spoiler), and some of which I can. I have worked on a new mirror shader, so that the hero’s reflection looks really awesome, and works with the new animation system.

The new Joe is going to have a lot more animations, and much smoother movements. It is gonna be Joe HD :-)

The mirror shader also means we can do some special effects, like the hero reflecting on pieces of broken glass, as you can see in the screenshot.

My coder buddy Elvar has been working on creating a complex animation blending system. It all might sound like techy buzz words, but what it means in practice is that Joe can do more… stuff, e.g. combine and mix different movements and such.

Progress update?

On the coders’ side we are fixing bugs, adding particles, animating background objects, and doing magic. On the graphics side we have already drawn scenes for all of the chapters, and most of them are complete. We are also ready to add sound effects to the game now, so our sound wizard is going to produce all sounds for chapter 2 this month.

Well, that is it for now, enjoy the screenshot. Can you find the place where we have already posted this location? It may or may not be in the same… time. Hint: look at our blog posts for 2014.

Have an awesome weekend,

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