A wild Editor appears!


One late night, while I was hard at work finishing up one of the final drafts of the story, there was a knock on our proverbial door*. I opened it to see who it was, and outside stood a mysterious stranger. Eyes shrouded by the shade of a ballcap, the man presented himself as David Chen, Editor Extraordinaire. With a slight hint of a Bay Area accent, he told me he’d heard we did interesting work here. Said he’d dabbled in the dark arts of triple-A game editing of the Kojimaerian variety and then offered his humble services. I accepted without pause.

* In actuality, David just wrote us an email, but I have a penchant for over-dramatization. The rest of it is true, however: David is a bit of a seasoned veteran. He’s been in the industry for almost a decade and a half, with many of those years spent serving Konami, acting as the lead editor on the Metal Gear Solid series among other titles. Having worked on more than 30 games and recently hot off his involvement with Camouflaj’s République, he contacted us several months ago offering his assistance, and he’s been my editor for the past couple of months now, helping me tighten up the dialogue and exposition. I’ve never had an editor before, so obviously I’m very excited to be working with David as we’re racing towards the finish line to get the game out to the patient lot of you. Please give him a warm welcome.

Oh, and I promised to plug the other game David is currently working on, Narcosis, which I’m following closely myself. It practically oozes atmosphere and dread. (Atmosfear?)

– Anders Petersen (writer, story & dialogue)

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