The Final Location

flooded_lab cropped

Yesterday I made the final game location for The Silent Age. Coincidentally, it’s also location number 100, since I made 45 locations for Episode One and 55 for Episode Two. That’s right. There are 100 locations in The Silent Age.

house_entry_hall_past croppedThere are a few notable differences between the Episode One and Two locations. In Episode Two I have tried to work with a very limited and consistent color palette for each chapter. This makes the chapters more easy to distinguish from each other and also strengthens the look and feel for each individual chapter.

The new locations also have a lot more detail than the Episode One locations. We wanted the world to seem more realistic to strengthen the atmosphere and suspension of disbelief. This created quite a challenge however, as adding more detail automatically created more visual noise. I tried to solve it by using color, light and shadows to emphasize which game elements are important and which are not.

Here’s the first location I made for the game.  It was never used since we decided to change the story drastically. It’s very minimalistic, but even at this early stage you can clearly tell that it’s a scene from The Silent Age.



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