Joe’s Mo’s

It’s that time of the year again. The time where bros grow mo’s in support of the Movember movement. It’s an annual event where men grow moustaches during November to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Joe has been a steady supporter of the movement ever since he started sporting his well groomed chevron-style moustache back in 2011. Maybe it’s time for a different mo’ this year? How about a Salvador Dali ‘stache? Or the Nietzsche-ish walrus variant?

Or how about:
Handlebar 2The Handlebar

Equally popular among cowboys and Austrian archdukes, this magnificent mo’ instantly makes you think of late nineteenth century manliness.  It’s about the only thing I remember from the movie Tombstone, but then again, didn’t everyone in that movie wear giant moustaches?




EnglishThe Errol Flynn

The official name for this early twentieth century classic is actually English Moustache. This discrete little beauty requires a ton of care and grooming. But it’s worth it. It makes it clear that you’re not simply a man.  You are in fact – a gentleman.






There’s a magic moment in a man’s life when he discovers what happens when he lets a pair of bushy sideburns extend into a well-trimmed moustache. You instantly look like an American Civil War general or a seasoned fisherman. Or Lemmy from Motörhead.




Fu Manchu 2The Fu Manchu

This moustache is named after the fictional criminal mastermind Dr. Fu Manchu. Sporting this ultra thin moustache requires an extreme amount of stamina, control and grooming – which of course will earn its owner unlimited respect among moustache enthusiasts. Sadly, very few women find this hard-earned piece of facial decoration attractive.



NostacheThe No’stache

Joe with no ‘stache. Hmmm… No. Just no.

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