Christmas Sale

Christmas 2014

It’s Christmas! The Silent Age office is strangely quiet and empty, as all of us have returned to our families to make moustached snowmen and to wear pointy red hats.

In the true spirit of Christmas, we have lowered the price on Episode Two to $2.99 between now and New Year’s Eve! That’s a mind blowing 40% price drop!*

So now would be a great time to get Episode Two if you haven’t already.  If you do, why not recommend the game to a friend – or maybe to that uncle you only see once a year on Christmas Eve? After all, is there any better way to spend a Christmas vacation than diving into a depressive post-apocalyptic mystery in which all of mankind has become extinct?

Merry Christmas!

The Silent Age Team

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*The price drop percentage may vary slightly depending on the currency on your location.

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