Meeting The Fans

Hello wonderful Silent Age players!

Ever since we released the first episode and we started getting some very positive feedback and lovely Facebook letters from you guys, I have secretly wished I could meet at least one of you guys.

I was fantasizing about taking a plane or a train and having my seat neighbour playing The Silent Age, and me proudly telling him I made that game (or at least I was a part of the production), and that he would at first not believe me, but then when I would show him my laptop with The Silent Age project on it, plus all the extra scenes and stuff they would actually be happy to meet me.

But all those are of course fantasies.

And then – one day – something happened for real…

Linda and Chassiva in Dubai

Linda and Chassiva in Dubai

Even though my full time job is to be a programmer at House on Fire, I also do other stuff in my free time, and some of that other stuff is to teach girls how to make video games as a part of the Game Girl Workshop.

So during our latest mission in Dubai, I incidentally met a girl who had played The Silent Age and liked our game. Her name is Chassiva and she was one of the participants in our workshop.

I was so happy to finally meet one of you. The praise usually goes to the unique graphics, aka Thomas, and the amazing story, aka Anders – but never to the programmer. So I had to ask her if she liked the smooth gameplay and the programming of the game. And maybe it was just because I was standing there, in front of her, with eyes full of hope, or maybe it was because she really felt it, that she said yes, she did like my job as well.

When we do the Game Girl Workshops, everyone gets to choose a role of the game production so the participants end up either being graphic artist, sound designer or programmer, and Chassiva did choose to be programmer. Here is a screenshot of the game she made together with 3 other girls. It is called Twilight and it is about a girl fighting evil dragons and witches to restore peace and bring back colors to the world. Notice the beautiful graphics? But what you don’t see is all the hard work the programmers put in. Programming is an art form too :).

Twilight screenshot

Twilight screenshot

Anyways, being the one who usually replies to all the Facebook posts, I just wanted to let you know that I am always happy to get messages from you, and extra happy when I actually get to meet one of you. I guess fans are really happy when they meet a celebrity. I am no celebrity, so I am really happy when I meet a fan of the game :).


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