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Hello Folks,

I am very happy to be able to announce that The Silent Age game is now available for Windows Phone and tablets, including Surface. The Silent Age is slowly expanding into new territories :).

If you own a Windows device, here is where you can get the game:

Windows Phone has been one of the most requested platforms from our fans, and we recently got a Lumia 920 at the office. As luck would have it the timing was perfect.

You may already know I am a game developer and a programmer, and I love to make games and then play them on my phone.

Only, I am also a little clumsy. Many phones have died in my hands and none of them has ever survived a year. Some have drowned in cold, heartless water, some have dramatically shattered their screens to look like jigsaw puzzles, and none of them has ever managed to grow old in one piece.

When I broke my latest phone, I was in luck: This new phone had just arrived at the office. A mysterious new platform I had never tried before… A Windows Phone. The transition from Android, which is what I am accustomed to, to Windows Phone went quite smoothly, although I quickly realized the biggest problem with it was that none of my games were on it.

I had to do something about that…

So I embarked on this new adventure to explore the unknown territory of Windows Phone, and I quickly managed to get The Silent Age up and running. And now the game is finally available on Windows Phone Store. So if you have any friends who own a Windows phone, please do let them know, so they, too, can enjoy the game.

As for my new phone, so far so good; it is almost half a year old and still alive and healthy. Who knows, maybe it will be my first phone celebrating a birthday.

Remember: phones do not like to fall on the floor, and they cannot swim either, so treat them well, and they will be your loyal companions for more than a year.

Peace and love,


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