The Silent Age on Steam Now!

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Hello Everyone,

We have made it onto Steam, which means now you can play The Silent Age on your PC or Mac, using a mouse, just like old school Point and Click adventure games.

To celebrate this new achievement, we are selling the game 35% off on Steam, for a limited period.

You can get the game here:

The most amazing news is that the game has now voice acting. Ever wondered what Joe’s voice sounds like? And what about Frank? Well, now you can find out. It is a completely new experience to play the game with voices, a lot more immersive.

To add a little extra challenge we have added Achievements to the game: there are more than 20 to collect. Some of them are trickier than others to get, and a puzzle in itself. Can you catch them all?

The Silent Age is going to be in Ultra HD, meaning that for instance signs and titles of books that on the mobile version were just a blur, are now going to be readable. So mysteries like: what’s Joe’s full name? and, What books did Joe just burn? or, was that a warning sign on those containers? will finally be revealed.

I really hope you will enjoy our game on Steam. I am actually curious to hear if playing the game on the big screen is as good an experience for you guys as it has been for me.

Have an awesome weekend,


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