Since the release of The Silent Age, you players have consistently kept us informed whenever you found bugs in the game. We take this feedback very serious and always try to fix bugs as soon as we hear about them.

Goofs is an entirely different matter. They usually don’t break the game, but are simply the result of our lack of attention to detail. They’re hard to spot and most players simply don’t notice. We usually don’t fix them, since we think they’re kinda fun and because we like that the game is not perfect.

Here’s a few examples. (Most of them have been spotted by our clever game design intern Valentin):

clocks The World Clocks

The world clocks in Mr. Hill’s office show what time it is in Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. The three cities are European capitals, all placed within the same time zone. Yet they show three different times.

rhododendronThe Rhododendron

Joe is clearly not a botanist. When looking at one of the plants in the ARCHON hallway, he identifies it as a common Rhododendron. The plant is entirely fictional however, and looks nothing like the Rhododendron.


The Police Office Door

The door to the police office doesn’t really fit does it?. You’d think someone would notice, but surprisingly no-one did until two years after the game’s release! (We have now fixed it).


The Fire Escape

On his quest to save the world, Joe must pass through a small hotel building. A clever reviewer noticed that the only way to access the hotel rooms is by climbing a fire escape. I’d like to add that the rooms come without beds! And toilets! I guess it’s a one star hotel.

police car 1


police car 2

The Police Car Numbers

The number on the police car outside the police station is the same as on the one outside the hospital. Joe finds both cars parked in the future, excluding that the car could have simply been driving from one location to the next. Hmmm… Maybe Joe’s actions in the past have created an alternative timeline in which the police car is parked in front of the hospital instead of the police station?

dateThe Calendar

If we are to believe the calendar in the doctor’s office, it’s Monday, May 17th. The Silent Age takes place in 1972. If you look up May 17th 1972, you’ll learn that the seventeenth is a Wednesday, not a Monday.

studio 54Studio 54

Cedric, the suave bartender, compares the Neon Zone Night Club to Studio 54. Studio 54 was a posh Night club located at Manhattan in the late Seventies/early Eighties. It wasn’t called Studio 54 until 1977, so how could Cedric know about it when The Silent Age takes place in 1972?

Got more goofs that we haven’t heard about? Please let us know!


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