The Silent Age – The Release Party – And The Drink

Having a cozy time at the release party.

Having a cozy time at our release party.


Right before I started my path as an independent game developer, I followed a lecture for entrepreneurs to be. In that lecture the teacher was underlining the importance of celebration. “Celebrate each little victory, as the path to success is long and difficult“, that is how his motto sounded, more or less.

It made a lot of sense. Having your own company and creating something out of nowhere is a really hard job for each and every person in the team. So I had promised myself that yes, of course – as soon as anything would get released – as soon as we would have reached a milestone – we would celebrate it and enjoy the moment.

The years passed and in October 2014 we reached the biggest milestone at House on Fire so far: finishing The Silent Age. And of course we wanted to celebrate it, but we were just not experts in celebrating big milestones. In the end we decided that we would all be happy with a small, cozy party, with just us, the Silent Age team (and their families), and the people from House on Fire.

The youngest family members at the party What's a good Danish summer party without a bbq? Chatting in the sun. And the battle is on.

Some of the highlights of the party: the family, the BBQ, the cozy time together, and an actual arcade.

But we still wanted the party to be epic. We wanted to have the same atmosphere Joe had when he entered the famous disco bar for the first time – ‘The Neon Zone Nightclub‘ next to the Archon building.

But how to achieve that? Well, we happened to be lucky enough to have a new game designer in the House, known by his notorious alias ‘Magic Mike’. His speciality? Cocktails. Inventing, designing and preparing cocktails with game themes. And he truly is a master in his art.

So he began his work – to reproduce the “rainbow-frosted, hot lava slushy deluxe – with a twist” drink from the game, for our epic-cozy release party. But he is much better than me at describing his work of art, so below are his thoughts, including, the exclusive secret recipe for The Silent Age cocktail, so that you can too reproduce the authentic experience. I personally added a little bit of Squash (described below), since I like it more softcore ;-)


The Rainbow-Frosted, Hot Lava Slushy Deluxe – With a Twist

Mike mixing his latest creation

Mike, adding his final touches to the drink.


The original drink in the game has some bizarre ingredients, such as: quail eggs, cough syrup, horseradish, potassium-bicarbonate, croutons and banana shavings.

Here are some of Mike’s thoughts about some of the ingredients:

Quail eggs: It is not unusual to use egg white in cocktails (just think of most of the “sour” drinks. So no problem there.

Cough Syrup: Could use real medicine, but where is the alcohol in that ;) As a lot of cough syrups have a hint of anis in their taste, I thought that either Absinth, Pernod or Sambuca would do fine here.

Horseradish: Wasabi tastes similar and there are cocktails out there with wasabi in them. I also gave it a try for my “Frog” cocktail.

However Mike quickly realized that the combination of ingredients was too insane to even try out. So he came up with a plan B, described below:

The Rainbow-Frosted, Hot Lava Slushy Deluxe - With a Twist

And here it is: The Rainbow-Frosted, Hot Lava Slushy Deluxe – With a Twist


I wanted to still have some of the ingredients from the original recipe, but I also wanted to focus on the color red / orange as this is the color of the suit that Joe is wearing. Furthermore, I wanted to make a twist to a classic cocktail that was popular in the 60’s and 70’s. My choice was the Manhattan Perfect.

  • 1 1/2 oz Canadian whiskey
  • 1/4 oz Dry vermouth
  • 1/4 oz Rosso vermouth
  • 2 – 3 Dashes Angostura® bitters

So my version was to substitute the Angostura with Pisang Ambon (a colourless Banana liqueur would here have been a better choice to keep the red). And I wanted to use eggs. I thought of an alternative, and used candy Fried eggs as garnish in the drink instead. so here is the drink:

  • 6 cl Whiskey
  • 1 cl Dry vermouth
  • 1 cl Rosso vermouth
  • 3 cl Pisan Ambong

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain it into a Martini glass. Drop a candy fried egg into the drink to garnish, then serve.

When testing the drink for the ‘late’ release party, some of the guests thought that the drink was a bit too mature, so they wanted me to figure out a way to dilute it a bit. By using the Danish “Tuborg Squash” (which has a similar taste to Orange Fanta) the cocktail could now be enjoyed for everyone.

If you want to see and reproduce more of Mike’s creations, you can have a look at his website:

Linda and Mike

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