Major Update on Mobile

The Silent Age in HD

Hi guys.

We’re happy to finally release a major update to The Silent Age on iOS and Android. The Silent Age now comes in full HD retina graphics, is voiced by some of gaming’s best actors, localized to 7 languages, and even┬áhas over 20 achievements to unlock.

When we released The Silent Age on PC, we upped the graphics. But mobile devices have now become so powerful with high-resolution retina displays, that it makes sense to bring these highly detailed visuals to mobile platforms as well. You can actually read Joe’s employee-of-the-month award in his “office.”

The voice-overs will bring a new dimension to the game’s immersion. I’m sure you’ll find it a very different experience, so we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the characters as they come to life.

And finally, so many have asked us to localize the game, as a point-and-click adventure game is often hard to follow if it’s not in your native tongue. German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian lovers of point-and-click adventures can now also enjoy The Silent Age in their own language.

This update is completely free to everyone who already owns the game as a thank you for your incredible support. So why are you still reading? Go update the game and tell os what you think of Joe’s voice.

A little snippet. Here’s Mr. Hill, voiced by Roger Jackson, giving Joe, voiced by Owen Thomas, a lesson in ARCHON company values.


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