Fan Art

Hi everyone! Have we ever told you how much we love fan art? We love it! A LOT!

Check out these great artworks made by Silent Age fans from all over the world!

43This portrait of Joe is made by Menno Wittenbrood, a Dutch artist whose style reminds me of some of the European comic book heroes I grew up with – like MoebiusCosey and Derib.


paradoxigm_by_exleston-d6rlr42US based artist Exleston made this awesome picture of Joe, seemingly jumping between past and future. The picture is called “Paradoxigm”, which I guess is a mysterious mix of ‘paradox’ and ‘paradigm’.

tumblr_mk28dd4XOO1rqaivao1_1280 Jón Kristinsson from Copenhagen made this interpretation of an early dramatic scene in The Silent Age. Jón is apparently making a book with illustrations from point-and-click adventures. Sounds like a book I’d buy!

clara-soro-bablet-thesilentage-72dpiFrench game art student Clara Soro-Bablet made this image, which she has labelled “A student work in the Silent Age’s style“. Apart from perfectly capturing the tone and palette of the game, the image features various objects from the game, like the lockers from the police station and the fake Mondrian painting from Chapter 3.

fan_letter_isaac edited

Our personal favourite piece of fan art is in this wonderful handwritten letter from Isaac from UK.

Drawing of Joe detail

Isaac has some fun ideas for alternative outfits for Joe, including a rain outfit, a pyjamas and a science outfit.

In case you wonder how they would look in the game, here’s how I would actually draw them:

Joe outfits

Seeing other people’s graphic interpretation of our game is extremely fun for us, so if you feel like making a piece of fan art, we’d love to see it!


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