Testing Testing Testing

Scene with bug

No one saw it coming.  It was Tuesday and everyone was quietly buzzing behind their screens as they would any other day of the week. To a stranger this might look just like another day at the office. But something was different. The office was remarkably silent on this Tuesday. As if it was haunted. By ghosts.

Linda finally broke the silence: “I think I just fixed the last bug“, she said.

The LAST bug?“, Uni said. The room went even more silent for a second.  “That means… the game is… complete?“.

That’s right. It was Tuesday afternoon and The Silent Age Episode Two was done. The game that had dictated our lives for almost four years – the game that had given us countless sleepless nights – was finally done.

Or so we thought.

It was the external testers who brutally crushed our little moment. They came by one Friday afternoon and tested Episode Two in return for candy and beer. They found spelling mistakes, a drawer inside a tree and the reflection of a moon that wasn’t there (see picture above).

The testing session spawned a total of around 50 new bugs which we’ve been methodically rooting out ever since. We’ve also done lots of testing ourselves. I’ve personally tested what happens when you use a lava lamp on a starburst clock and when you use a disco ball on a hat. Yep, that’s been my dayjob for the past week.

Once we’re done testing we’ll release the game. Which is – pretty soon.


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