Meet the Team

House on Fire Team

From top left: Anders, Elvar, Peter and Thomas
From bottom left: André, Morten, Linda and Uni

Have you ever wondered who made The Silent Age? Maybe you imagined a huge corporate company with a reception desk, a water dispenser and cake on Wednesdays. Or maybe you just pictured a small group of passionate nerds sitting in a cheap office in a shady part of town. The latter is actually true. For now at least.

The core team consists of Uni, Linda, Thomas and Anders, but we’re surrounded by a passionate crowd of talented people who are putting as much heart into this as we do. Here’s who we are and what we do:

Anders Petersen is the main author on The Silent Age. He’s responsible for the clever dialogue in the game as well as the story, which he wrote together with Thomas.

Elvar Örn Unnþórsson is our tireless Icelandic programmer. He worked a lot on The Silent Age Episode Two, and has proven to be an invaluable asset time and time again.

Peter Thomasen is our talented animator, famous for making snapping crocodiles and dying professors.

Thomas Ryder is the game designer, graphics designer and musician on The Silent Age. He drew the one houndred-and-something backgrounds and is the one responsible for you getting stuck in the bloody handkerchief puzzle.

André Taono works on other projects at House on Fire, and was a tester on The Silent Age Episode One.

Morten Mygind is our sound designer. He made the all the cracking, spinning, whooshing and plinging sounds in Episode Two.

Linda Randazzo is the lead programmer. All bugs you don’t see is because she fixed ‘em. She’s also taking care of much of the fan contact, so if you wrote us there’s a good chance she was the one replying.

Uni Dahl is the CEO at House on Fire. He takes care of company management, business stuff, PR and occasionally assists with programming tasks and object animations. If the rocking boat makes you sea-sick, blame Uni.

David Chen (Not in the photo) is the editor on The Silent Age. He’s the one assisting Anders with dialogue and interaction comments in Episode Two.

Linda and Elvar

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