Men Who Look Like Joe

Since Joe had his iconic moustache, which actually started out as a silly Movember joke, a lot of you great fans out there have been coming up with suggestions for who he looks like. We love it! Keep them coming!

Here’s a list of some of the most Joe-ish guys around.

Burt Reynolds smallBurt Reynolds

Judging by the number of times we heard him being compared to Joe, Burt takes the prize as the most Joe-ish man around. His extrovert personality and coolness may be miles away from the introvert Joe, but he sure knows how to sport a well-groomed moustache. I’m still sad he shaved it off in Deliverance. It would have made that movie just a little more epic.




Tom SelleckTom Selleck

Unsurprisingly, the handsome Tom Selleck earns the title as the second most Joe-ish man on the list. He might have spend a few too many hours in the gym to fit inside Joe’s slim-fit boiler suit, but Tom’s perfectly groomed pornstache more than makes up for that.





Ringo Starr 2Ringo Starr
The soft spoken ex-Beatle can be found on a well-deserved third place on our list. I personally think there are more than a few similarities between Joe and Ringo: There’s obviously the hair and the beard, but there’s also something about Ringo’s modest and likeable character that makes you think of the humble underdog Joe.





Freddie Mercury smallFreddie Mercury

The late but great lead singer from Queen made the list for obvious reasons: He might be the one Joe-alike who bears the closest physical resemblance to Joe, thanks to his signature moustache and characteristic nose.






Dennis Weaver2Dennis Weaver

You might have to be my age or older to know Dennis Weaver. He’s the guy from The Duel and the McCloud series. If The Silent Age was a movie, filmed in 1972, Dennis Weaver would be the obvious choice for the lead role.





Peter SarstedtPeter Sarsted

OK, I’ll admit it: None of you suggested Peter Sarstedt. I added him to the list myself.  Some guys are just more Joe than Joe himself, and Peter Sarsted is that guy.






Do you agree with our list? Who do you think Joe looks like? Let us know on Facebook.


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